Project Description


Who they are: The One Cup Project was founded in 2010 by Christian Kar – the dude that practically invented drive-through espresso in the north-west. The One Cup Project is committed to roast insanely delicious coffee and deliver a portion of their profit to local and global charities.

What I did: I rebuilt the entire OneCup platform from the ground up using their mockups.I started doing it by creating a WordPress custom theme created with a starter boilerplate ( Then I easily integrated with WooCommerce Subscriptions to give them the possibility to create subscription coffees based on custom grinds and the ability to buy them in bags on a preferred interval. The project had 3 different user roles: retail customers and wholesale customers. I customised the checkout for both roles and implemented specific rules for a minimum order amount per role (I created a plugin for that). Also, each product had a dynamic pricing depending on user role and/or quantity ordered.

The website can be found here: